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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) blasted President Joe Biden in an interview on Sunday for his failure to secure the southern border and the consequences that his policies bring to the detriment of the American people.

When asked about President Biden’s trip to El Paso, Texas to see the border Sunday, Paxton said that Biden should see the impact of his policies by witnessing the “pain and suffering” that has been caused by the open border.

It’s been “two years [and he hasn’t] had the time or interest to go to the border, I would hate for anything to be sanitized,” Paxton began. “He needs to see the reality of his decision-making and how it’s negatively affecting communities in every way that it’s affecting it.”

While Biden did go to the border, it unfortunately was sanitized throughout his visit. The city of El Paso reportedly cleared away street corners and sidewalks of migrants who have been sleeping on the streets for months to shield the president from such “suffering,” as reported by the New York Post.

“And we know, the numbers tell us, the people tell us, the stories tell us, it’s a bad door and he needs to hear it. If he doesn’t care, that’s certainly, you know up to him,” the Texan continued. “He can decide not to care but he should at least be presented with as much of the truth as possible. I hope they see the pain and suffering that they’ve caused directly and indirectly.”

“I hope that they care. Do I have a lot of hope for that? Not really because I haven’t seen any actions on their part from trying to prevent all of this bad stuff from happening,” he explained. “From day one they have been very clear: You can come here, as many people as you want. We don’t care what your background is, we don’t care if your criminal. You come here we are going to protect you.”

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“We don’t care if you are going to become immediately dependent on our government to take care of your needs. We don’t care if you have a criminal background,” the Texas AG explained, adding,” we are going to let you in. We want you here. We’re inviting you. And that has been extremely frustrating to the people of my state and to people that have been impacted by the policies and lawlessness of the Biden administration.”


When asked about whether or not Biden’s new border plan to expand Title 42 and allow 30,000 migrants in a month from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Haiti, the Texas AG attacked Biden for going against the Constitution.

“It’s unfortunate for him that he doesn’t have all the powers of a king or a dictator,” Paxton began. “And in this case, this is what it looks like. He’s just making this up as his own law, his own rules. He doesn’t run through Congress. He doesn’t run it through anybody. It’s his own deal.”

“So I have a problem with the concepts here. We are a constitutional republic, at least we used to be,” he emphasized. “And we’re not Venezuela or Russia or China, but that’s the mode of this type of idea…He’s just not following any constitutional rules that we have lived by for over 200 years.”

The interview ended with a focus on whether or not the Biden administration would face legal hurdles as they implement immigration policy. Paxton emphasized that if Biden fails to consult Congress in doing so, then he would undoubtedly hold the executive branch accountable for their Constitutional overreach.

“If he is doing this on his own without any type of statutory authority we are going to call a spade a spade,” Paxton said in the interview with Fox News. “Say hey, Mr. President, just a reminder you’re are a president. You are not a dictator, you are not a king. You have to follow the rules and laws just like everyone else.”

President Biden continually oversteps his authority to push through executive action by fiat. He is purposefully ignoring the Constitution for the sake of his political agenda and Americans are suffering because of it. The presidency is surely not a dictatorship and Biden needs to stop treating it like one.

You can view the full interview here.

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