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Podcast host and UFC Commentator Joe Rogan offered a backhanded compliment to Karine Jean-Pierre on a Tuesday episode of the ‘Joe Rogan Experience, claiming the White House Press Secretary had some  “incredible gaslighting” moments.

Rogan began by making a fitting analogy, “If you’re a lawyer your job is not to make a judgment in your head. ‘I think maybe this guy’s lying and maybe he did it.’ Your judgment is to try to get your client off. And that’s why a lot of defense attorneys, man, that’s a slippery f***ing weird world to be in. Well, don’t you think it’s the same way in the government? If you’re that poor lady who’s the White House Press Secretary… It’s the worst job. You get all the hate of the president and none of the power. Like f***ing everybody hates you.”

Then Rogan commented on Jean-Pierre’s much-maligned attempt to defend the indefensible — when President Biden called out to the recently deceased Indiana Representative Jackie Walorski in the middle of a press conference.


“When she had to explain why Joe Biden was bringing up a woman who was dead… Top of mind. She was top of mind.’ I mean, it was really like the — it was like for what she had to work with, it was some incredible gaslighting.”

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This is not the first time Rogan has spoken about a White House Press Secretary. Earlier this year, he praised Former Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany as the GOAT — the Greatest of All Time at her job.

As the DC Enquirer reports, Rogan said the following in May:

“And as far as Kayleigh goes, he is a big fan. The podcaster said the following when asked about her:

‘Everyone who gets it [the White House Press Secretary job] hates it. The one who was good at it was … Kayleigh McEnany. She’s the best. She’s the goat at that s****… She took large dumps on Jim Acosta’s head.'”

Unlike Jean-Pierre, Kayleigh McEnany told the truth — she was no gas lighter. That earned her the respect of the American people at large.