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Joe Rogan, host of the “Joe Rogan Experience” Podcast, voiced his opposition to woke professors who zealously defend unhealthy life choices like obesity on his show earlier this week.

“F*** off, fat professors, f*** off, you guys are unhealthy, it’s not in any way good.” Rogan said.

According to the Daily Wire, Rogan was responding to a University of British Columbia article that argues healthy individuals do not need to count calories in order to be healthy.

The article lists the following reasons not to be too concerned about counting calories.

  1. It diverts your attention away from eating what pleases you.
  2. It prevents intuitive eating.
  3. It gives a false impression that certain foods are “unhealthy” because of the number of calories.
  4. It can be triggering for those with disordered eating habits or eating disorders.

Two of the reasons the article lists are sensible. Intuitive eating is an important feature of dieting, and it is certainly true that many high-calorie foods (for instance, avocados) are actually quite nutritious when eaten in moderation. But that is important: even with these foods, moderation is key.

The first bullet point has some truth to it, but diets often require people to make tradeoffs. And while we do want to love and respect the experiences of others, is bullet point 4 really a reason not to eat as healthy as possible? It certainly does not seem as though that’s the case


Rogan clarified that we should respect everyone’s life decisions and we shouldn’t force anyone to eat a certain way. But that is different than championing unhealthy life decisions. Eating bad is not good for anyone.

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If we want a healthy individual, we should not normalize junk food. These are immutable facts of the universe we live in. Until we cease to be human beings with digestive systems, we will continue to have favorable reactions to some foods and unfavorable reactions to other goods. Woke individuals who say otherwise scarcely live in our universe, which is governed by unchanging laws of cause and effect.