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Many voters are increasingly becoming concerned with election integrity in the United States. Many have taken measures to ensure the integrity of their local elections by becoming active in the process. Sometimes errors still occur, and that’s precisely what happened in the rural county of Screven, Georgia. 

In November, following the midterm elections, five individuals including two County Commissioners, two citizens, and the candidate whose election is in question filed a lawsuit claiming there were errors in the elections that caused the results to be inaccurate. 

Local journalist, Jessica Szilagyi, at The Georgia Virtue, says that the difference between the two candidates was only a margin of seven votes, making any irregularities or errors in the election problematic. The race was between Democrat incumbent Edwin Lovett and Republican challenger Tyler Thompson. 

Those who opposed the certification of the election results claim that voters whose district changed earlier this year due to redistricting were not given the proper ballots that contained the District 1 County Commissioner race. 


Forty individuals allegedly moved districts due to redistricting. Twenty out of those forty reportedly voted in the midterm election. Since the margin of voters who received the wrong ballot was more significant than the margin of error, the plaintiffs argued that the election results should be deemed inaccurate. 

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Right before Christmas, Judge Michael Karpf overturned the election results due to these problems, according to The Georgia Virtue. The judge did, however, make a note of the fact he did not believe the irregularities to be intentional, “It was clearly unintentional. It was clearly affected by external circumstances, primarily the timing of it.”

Judge Karpf is allowing the county time to fix the issues that led to an inaccurate result and told the two parties that a special election would be called early next year. 

Noteworthy Republican gubernatorial candidate out of Arizona, Kari Lake, weighed in on the overturning of this small Georgia election on Twitter saying, “WORTH NOTING Judge to Order New Election in Screven County, Georgia, After ‘Systemic Irregularities'” 

This tweet comes after Lake contested her own election results in court earlier this week. While the judge did not rule in her favor, Lake has vowed to appeal the court’s decision and keep pleading her case. 

While these two elections occurred in two different states, Lake is obviously attempting to equate the two elections and prove that election irregularities do occur. Time will tell what happens to both two elections. However, this decision by the courts in Georgia will hopefully help breed confidence in the election system for those in Screven County. 

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