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In a Wednesday Facebook post, Rep Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) announced the new Republicans Congress will hold the Biden Administration accountable from day one.

“You deserve to know the origins of COVID. You deserve to know why the DOJ went after concerned parents. You deserve to know why we failed to keep American lives safe in Afghanistan. On day one a Republican majority will begin holding this administration accountable.” McCarthy said.

McCarthy also assured Americans that with Subpoena power, Republicans are sure to get a lot done in the new Congress.


“A House Republican majority means conservatives get the gavels. We’ll run the committees. We’ll have subpoena power. We’ll stop the madness.” McCarthy writes.

McCarthy also vowed to appoint a China Select Committee with Rep Mike Gallagher at the helm, which is sure to infuriate one of our fiercest rivals:

“Under a Republican majority, I will establish a China Select Committee to expose and fight against the Chinese Communist Party’s cyber, trade, and military threats against America. @RepGallagher is exceptionally qualified and is the right person to serve as the chairman.” McCarthy posted.

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McCarthy also announced Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) would be at the helm of many of these investigations in the House Judiciary Committee. “It’s official. → In the Republican-led House, @Jim_Jordan will become the chairman of the @JudiciaryGOP Committee. I am confident he will pursue an aggressive oversight agenda to finally hold the Biden administration accountable.” McCarthy replied.

Jordan is sure to hold the Biden Administration accountable. After all, Jordan announced a slew of critical investigations into the Biden Administration earlier this year — investigations that surely have Biden and his cronies very afraid.

In March, Jordan told the media, “There are three critically important [investigations] … All the lies from the misinformation, and disinformation from Fauci and the CDC… Second is the border. This thing is intentional, this thing is deliberate… Third, the weaponization of the DOJ and parts of Government to go specifically against parents.”

If any of these investigations get off the runway, the Democrats are in for a world of political trouble. The American people are demanding answers and a GOP-led congress just may well give them the answers they so desperately crave.