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On Thursday, the House of Representatives convened for its fourth hour of debate to attempt to elect the 118th Speaker of the House.

Rep. Juan Ciscomani (R-AZ) nominated McCarthy for the next Speaker of the House in the 118th Congress. His speech revolved around his family’s desire to fulfill the American Dream after migrating to Arizona from Mexico.

“The American dream is a dream worth fighting for and I know with my heart of hearts that Kevin McCarthy is the man to lead us,” Ciscomani began. “He has dedicated his life to spreading opportunity to all in the private sector and the public sector.”

“I’ve gotten to know Kevin McCarthy well. He secured a Republican majority in the US House,” he said. “He cares about the American people, he cares about our country and he is here not to be somebody but to do something. And that’s laid out in his commitment to America.”
Ciscomani, who was born in Mexico, then went on to say that the United States is the only country where he could have been successful. Where his father, a lifelong bus driver, migrated to the US, and now his son is a member of Congress. Chants of “USA” resounded throughout the chamber in response to Ciscomani’s remarks.

“Let’s be proud of our stories. Let’s be grateful to God for it all,” the Arizona Republican continued. “Let’s get to work to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to write their own story.”

“The best person to lead us in this journey and in this fight, to defend the American Dream for all, is Kevin McCarthy,” the Rep.-elect said in conclusion, adding, “I am proud to stand before you today as the first naturalized citizen from the state of Arizona.”

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Following Rep. Hakeen Jefferies’ (D-NY) nomination to the Speakership, Rep. Anna Luna (R-FL) nominated Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) for the nomination as the opposition’s main candidate.


“I want to clarify something real quick to my colleagues across the aisle. What you are seeing from these discussions doesn’t mean that we are dysfunctional. And in no way shape or form will a Democrat ever hold the gavel to a Republican-controlled House. These discussions and dialogues have actually been good for the American people and although the media tries to pit us against each other, I can tell you that it is something that we need as a country. There are people that are frustrated by this process.” she said in her short speech. “Byron through this entire time has done something that most leaders should do more and that’s listen.”

“I ask my colleagues today to support him. I think he is an incredible representation of what this county is and that’s why he has my vote for Speaker of the House.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) then nominated Rep. Kevin Hern (R-OK) in a short speech to her colleagues on the House floor.

“It’s as simple as that folks. Let’s start getting somewhere with this. Realize the facts. Kevin McCarthy does not have the votes. Let’s elect a Republican who can unify our conference and who is a true leader. I am casting my vote for Kevin Hern and I hope you will as well.”

The final tally for the tenth ballot is as follows: 212 votes for Jefferies, 201 votes for McCarthy, 13 votes for Donalds, and seven votes for Hern. Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-IN) voted present.

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