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Hollywood icon and Christian Kirk Cameron argued the future of our republic depends on capturing the hearts and minds of children in a Monday interview on Breitbart News Daily.

“That’s why God gives children to moms and dads, not the government. Whoever succeeds in telling children the stories gets to control the future,” Cameron told Breitbart.

“Dictators know that, patriots know that, liberty-loving people understand that. And we can’t outsource parenting to public libraries and public schools. That’s why I’m doing this,” Cameron argued. “That’s why I’m hitting the road and I’m joining forces with grandparents, with parents, with patriots, concerned Americans, to prayerfully and purposefully take back the hearts and minds of our children. The Republic depends upon it.”

Cameron is referencing his book “As You Grow” and the story hour he has done in coordination with its release. Indeed, the story hour he did at the Indianapolis Public Library had a record 2,500 people show up which amounts to a massive victory for Christian values.


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“No longer will Christians be silent. No longer will we be shut away. We will be here, we will stand strong & we will show the world how many of us there really are!” Cameron’s publisher Brave Books posted in reference to the record-setting event.

Cameron then extolled the virtues of faith and freedom — both of which were essential to the establishment of America.

“History is replete with examples of that and what we have in America is rare and precious, it’s called liberty. It’s called freedom, and that’s what I want to fight for, for my kids… If we don’t want to have blood on our hands and be filled with guilty consciouses in our sunset years, we’ve got to do everything we can to plant the seeds of liberty, of faith, and morality, so that our children can have a bright and hopeful future.” Cameron said, adding, “That’s why I’m doing this.”

Americans could not agree more. The future of the nation’s kids hinges on the efforts and strivings of people like Kirk Cameron. Americans can no longer take Christian values for granted, nor can we give away our freedoms. Kirk Cameron knows this and he will not back down to the woke mob.