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A  man was killed in North Las Vegas while allegedly attempting a carjacking when his would-be victim shot him with his own gun in November.

North Vegas Police told reporters that an unidentified woman informed them that she was picking up a friend on the way to a Thanksgiving event Nov. 19 when the two arrived early and opted to wait in their car according to AZFamily.

The woman noticed a vehicle approaching hers quickly as she and her friend waited, per an arrest report obtained by KVVU. Reportedly, the second car stopped in front of the woman’s vehicle and two black men emerged with guns drawn on the woman and her friend.

She told law enforcement that the two men yelled at her and her friend, ordering them to exit the vehicle, with one of them opening the driver’s-side door and pulling her out by the shirt.

One of the men climbed into the driver’s seat and attempted to drive away but was unable to shift the vehicle into ‘drive’ according to KVVU. The car’s owner explained that the car requires a button to be depressed in order to shift into drive. This gave an opening for the woman to tell her friend to run.

According to the report, the second suspect climbed into the passenger seat and told the first man, “just go.” It was at this point she noticed that the suspect wasn’t holding his gun anymore, having placed it on his lap. The woman grabbed the gun out of his lap and ran.

Within seconds KVVU wrote, the suspect tackled her to the ground, she tried to get free of him but he held her tightly to him. It was at this point she turned and fired at him.

The woman told North Las Vegas Detectives she couldn’t be sure if she shot the man once or twice, however, the second suspect began to fire at her as well. She fled as she cleared a malfunction from the weapon and heard what she described as the second suspect crying out for the friend she had shot.

When the woman heard sirens coming she turned herself over to the police and was cuffed but later released without being placed under arrest.

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Arriving police officers told reporters that they found a dead man in the street bleeding from his head wearing a black ski mask, jacket, and jeans according to WEAU.