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Five left-wing radicals were arrested last week following a raid in southern Atlanta by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) leading to the five being charged with domestic terrorism and other felony charges.

The GBI raided an “autonomous zone” at the location of a new Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, which has been deemed by Antifa and other leftists as “Cop City.” The militants have been moving into the area since June 2021 to stop the construction of the facility by assaulting law enforcement, according to The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo.

In addition to halting the construction of the facility, the left-wingers also sought to protect the Weelaunee Forest given that the construction of the police training center would cut down 381 acres of trees, according to the Daily Mail.

“Five people have been arrested and charged with domestic terrorism and other charges after a joint operation at the site of the future Atlanta Public Safety Training Center,” the GBI said in a statement. “The GBI is part of a joint task force formed to combat ongoing criminal activity at the Atlanta Police Department (APD) site. Yesterday, December 13, 2022, our agents assisted APD and other local, state, and task force members in an operation to remove barricades blocking some of the entrances to the training center.”

“Prior to yesterday’s operation, APD and other agencies had made several arrests over the past few months for the ongoing criminal activity at the site location.” the statement continued. “Some of the criminal activities include carjacking, various crimes against persons, destruction of property, arson, and attacks against public safety officials. Law enforcement continues to address the criminal acts committed by the individuals that continue to occupy the area of the proposed training site.”

“Several people threw rocks at police cars and attacked EMT’s outside the neighboring fire stations with rocks and bottles,” the GBI explained, adding, “Task force members used various tactics to arrest individuals who were occupying makeshift treehouses.”


The five individuals who were arrested for domestic terrorism include 25-year-old Serena Abby Hertel from Los Angeles, California, 20-year-old Leonard Voiselle from Macon, Georgia, 25-year-old Nicholas Dean Olson from Bennington, Nebraska, 22-year-old Francis M. Carroll from Kennebunkport, Maine, and 21-year-old Arieon Robinson from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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The individuals, who hailed from across the country, were also charged with additional crimes such as criminal trespass, aggravated assault, felony obstruction, and other crimes that carry harsh sentences, per Breitbart.

“After police cleared the area of concern, which included makeshift treehouses, they found explosive devices, gasoline, and road flares,” the GBI, who created a task force solely for the elimination of criminal activity at the location of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, explained in their statement.

Andy Ngo went on to report that the five militants were denied bail and that organizations like Atlanta Jail Support are raising money for the terrorists.

These left-wing militants have luckily been brought to justice as their unlawful actions to counteract the police training facility endangered the lives of citizens in the area and nearly led to a man being killed last week and homes being burnt to the ground.

Thanks to journalists like Andy Ngo, Antifa, and other groups can be uncovered for the heinous organizations they truly are.

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