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Actor Kirk Cameron was overjoyed this week when he found out that two public libraries would host him for a reading of his faith-based book “As You Grow.”

The book delivers a Christian, faith-based message to kids which focuses on positive attributes like kindness, patience, compassion, and other qualities that are emphasized in the Bible.

Cameron reached out to over 50 libraries across the country wanting to share his book with children, however, he was denied repeatedly. That was until he started to threaten legal action which led to two victories. A library in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Scarsdale, New York both caved to the pressure and agreed to host the actor.

Following their agreement, Fox News Digital reached out to the two libraries to get their side of the story in which they denied ever being unwilling to host the faith-based story hour.

“It is incorrect to state that the library has changed its position,” said Elizabeth Bermel, director of the Scarsdale Public Library, to Fox News Digital. “The publisher and Mr. Cameron were never denied the opportunity to book a room. Rather, they never previously requested to book the library’s meeting room.”

“The library first received an inquiry on December 13th (and an application on December 16th) from the publisher to book the meeting room for December 30th,” the director added.

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Cameron and his publisher Brave Books initially reached out to the Scarsdale library with the following message: “We would love to schedule a story hour for Mr. Cameron’s book where we read ‘As You Grow’ and speak to families about following the wisdom of the Bible, as well as discussing the harmful effects of woke ideologies, specifically CRT and the transgender agenda.” 

In response, the library said they were “not interested in this program” even though the library hosted a drag queen story hour in June. 

“I hope they realized that their position of denying me a story hour reading was not only unfair and illegal,” Cameron told Fox News. “but that we would all be better off if we listened to each other’s perspectives.”

“Neither library has offered any assistance as far as promoting [the] book reading, sponsoring it or simply asking more information about it to be able to better serve those who inquire about the event from library staff,” Cameron and his publisher explained.

Despite the libraries dragging their feet, Cameron will be speaking at the Indianapolis Public Library on December 29th and will be speaking at the Scarsdale Public Library on December 30th.

It’s good to see that Kirk Cameron is going to be able to spread a biblical message to children in these local communities. The librarians have tried to stop him in every way they can, but it’s good that Cameron was able to win out.

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