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Steven Crowder, host of Louder With Crowder foreshadowed “a MAJOR announcement” late Wednesday and on Thursday morning’s episode revealed that he and his show, which boasts 5.91 million YouTube subscribers another million or-so on Rumble and approximately 300,000 paid subscribers, is leaving Blaze Media after four years.

Crowder, an early pioneer of conservative content on YouTube, widely known for his “Change My Mind” format of intellectual inquiry on sidewalks and plastic tables frequents Apple’s Top 100 podcasts chart.

His unique fundraising methodology, the “Mug Club,” offers a “girthy, hand-etched” mug to paid subscribers and helped him successfully convert and monetize his massive, organically grown fanbase from the free-streaming platform to The Blaze’s paywall.

“I, Mug Club, am leaving The Blaze,” said Crowder, who offered kind words for The Blaze and for his now former colleagues at the conservative media company born of a merger between Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze and CRTV.

“I’ve lost sleep over this for months, because I knew that I wouldn’t be renewing and of course The Blaze knew that I wouldn’t be renewing. But I have no way of reaching you,” Crowder added, directing viewers to provide their email addresses at in order to build an email list of his full audience.

The website initially suffered a massive failure due to DDoS attacks according to Crowder, but with the help of fellow YouTube creator Jeremy Hambly of The Quartering pulling an all-nighter Wednesday, the team was able to get the site running.

According to Similarweb, receives 1.725 million monthly visitors, SocialBlade reports that his YouTube Channel had 27.661 million views in the last 30 days as of this writing.

In a statement published on the host wrote, “I am leaving The Blaze. I have lost sleep over this for months. I knew that I wasn’t going to renew. The Blaze knew that I wasn’t going to renew. I only know that there are well over 300,000 of you who have paid to signup and watch, and that hundreds of thousands of you watch on Mug Club every day. This is in addition to the 2 million or so plays and downloads for each individual show.”

He continued, “So please, as Mug Club finds a new home, do NOT lose touch with us. Sign up at and you will NEVER RECEIVE an email from me, aside from if, when, and where Mug Club’s new home will be. Some of you MAY receive an immediate email to confirm that you signed up. I ask that you all check your spam. Because due to issues outside of my control, it’s going to take some time before I can figure out exactly where Mug Club lands.”

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