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A recent poll released by Christian nonprofit Summit Ministries and reported by NTD’s “Capitol Report,” and The Epoch Times has revealed that the American people consider the transgender movement to be a political, voting issue.

President of Summit Ministries Dr. Jeff Myers, appearing on “Capitol Report” said, “And some of it is because the president made it a voting issue. He said, ‘We ought to support every minor when they want to have procedures done,’ pharmaceutical surgery, whatever. And he seemed to be indicating that he supports this at any age with no restrictions. A lot of people in America disagree with that,” he said according to The Epoch Times.

“We are doing a lot of polling just to understand the cultural moment. And 75 percent of people in our most recent poll say they believe the transgender movement has gone too far,” he added.

Myers purported that many Americans are politically opposed to the transgender movement because of the increased support among them for “mutilating kids.”

Indeed, The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh revealed the transgender clinic at Vanderbilt University Medical Center “drugs, chemically castrates, and performs double mastectomies on minors,” and the report generated mass condemnation for the practice of performing so-called “gender affirming treatment” on children.

Planned Parenthood nationwide operates seventy clinics that offer this “treatment” to children as well, and due to a myriad of left-leaning laws, many of them do so without first seeking parental consent, or even informing them.

The effects of many of these treatments such as the administration of Lupron are notably experimental and “extremely expensive” according to Myers. He also cautioned, “When you put it into the bodies of teenagers, it can actually create permanent damage. Doctors aren’t talking about this. They’re saying, ‘Well, let’s just pause puberty for a little bit.’”

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the four states of Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, and Arizona have enacted laws and policies preventing these “treatments” from being applied to children. State Sen. Amanda Chase of Virginia has reportedly proposed legislation to make Virginia the fifth state to do so according to The Epoch Times.