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New York Mayor and radical liberal Eric Adams declared a public state of emergency Thursday, as migrants have continued to be bussed into his city from border states like Texas and Arizona.

In a press release, the New York Mayor’s office says the following:

 “As New York City anticipates surpassing the highest recorded shelter census in recorded history today, New York City Mayor Eric Adams issued Emergency Executive Order 224, formally directing all relevant city agencies to coordinate their efforts to respond to the asylum seeker humanitarian crisis and construct the city’s Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers.”

Adams contends this will help the City to better deal with the influx of illegal migrants. They believe the city is on pace to spend nearly 1 billion dollars on migrant related costs in the fiscal year. They also maintain the number of migrants in the city is without precedent — numbering upwards of 17,000.

“With more than 17,000 asylum seekers bussed to the city since the spring, the Adams administration estimates that once the asylum seekers from today’s buses are provided shelter, the city will surpass the highest number of people in recorded history in its shelter system. And every day going forward, where more are added this count, another record will be broken. If the pace continues, the city’s shelter census will surpass 100,000 in the coming year.”

Adams complains about his state’s infrastructure in handling this crisis, maintaining his city is overwhelmed by the influx:


“This is a humanitarian crisis that started with violence and instability in South America and is being accelerated by American political dynamics. Thousands of asylum seekers have been bused into New York City and simply dropped off, without notice, coordination, or care — and more are arriving every day.

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This crisis is not of our own making but one that will affect everyone in this city, now and in the months ahead. New Yorkers deserve to know why this is happening and what we plan to do.”

He gets one thing right — this is a crisis. But it is a crisis motivated by the “political dynamics” of his own Democratic Party. Americans, not just New Yorkers, deserve a safe and legal immigration service that works for both the legal migrant and the American people.