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During a Thursday Episode of the “Megyn Kelly Show” Podcast, Former Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly attacked actor Will Smith after he announced on a recent episode of the Trevor Noah Show he had “forgiven himself” for his infamous slap.

“I am just sick of these Hollywood people thinking we give a damn about their childhood traumas when they behave badly. Just say you’re sorry, and people either will forgive or they won’t. But go tell it to your therapist, go sit on the damn sofa, for the guy who charges $700 an hour and work it out with him.” Kelly stated.

Kelly is referencing Will Smith’s infamous “Oscar Slap” of comedian Chris Rock. Smith’s behavior that night was truly egregious, and he found few defenders in the mainstream media.

“I don’t give a s***. You assaulted a guy and humiliated him who was just standing there doing his job for what? For nothing. To boost your own ego. So [I] don’t really care about your self-analysis, or how hard it’s been for you to forgive yourself. I just want you to be humble.”

After guests Kelly’s guests from the Ruthless podcast pointed out Will Smith was going back on the television scene promoting a new movie, Kelly agreed his “apology tour” wouldn’t exactly compel viewers to feel bad for the controversial actor.

“What I object to is this Hollywood elitist multimillionaire… You’re no better than anybody else. In fact, you appear to be quite worse than a lot of the people who are out there digging ditches every day and driving buses every day. And despite the fact that they’ve had a s*** ton of childhood trauma, don’t go around abusing other people!”


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Hollywood elites like Will Smith are no better than you and I. They have character flaws and serious career mishaps. But while we seek to promote freedom and tolerance for a variety of viewpoints, Liberal elites like Will Smith hold judgment on Trump supporters — calling the MAGA movement “collective insanity”. Therefore, his errors are more indefensible.