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Republicans have reason to celebrate after an Axios article was released on Wednesday showing 17 former “swing” districts tipping to the GOP, as the November midterms fast approach.

The Axios piece cited a “Cook Partisan Voter Index,” which showed nearly 20 House seats were beginning to break right with less than four months to go until Election Day.

Republican officials and elected leaders have made headlines in recent months after prevailing in a number of key court cases, which upheld their gerrymandered political maps.

State legislatures — which have favored Republicans in recent election cycles — are given the responsibility of drawing federal Congressional maps for House elections. Maps are often challenged and taken to court by the opposing party, which usually argues that the lines were drawn with partisan — rather than practical — intent.

Nine of the 17 new seats now leaning GOP are reportedly located in Texas — an area where Democrats were recently claiming to have made gains and were seizing upon the state as a public relations tool, to help show how their policies were succeeding even in a ruby red state.



The Axios piece also cited the fact that “Republicans had the power to draw maps in more states than Democrats,” which will likely lead to greater success for the GOP this November with “seats they already hold” — and could even help them win more races than expected.

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The article wrapped up by noting that the amount of “hyper-competitive House seats has declined from 51 to 45,” out of a possible 435 up for grabs, following redistricting measures across the country.

This reportedly represents “Cook Political Report’s” lowest count of “hyper-competitive” seats ever.

If gas prices, inflation, the immigration crisis, free speech issues, and government mandates continue the way they have — that number could continue to get even bigger, resulting in yet another midterm red wave for the part of Lincoln.

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