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Space X CEO and Tesla Co-Founder Elon Musk recently acquired Twitter. Since making that acquisition, Musk has been tirelessly changing the platform. While there are some hangups, the platform is refocusing on the fundamentals — fundamentals that could very well turn Twitter into a free speech haven, indeed, a free speech powerhouse. Twitter ought to be a public square, and as with any public square, the free speech rights we are afforded should reign supreme.

One of the ways Musk is improving the platform is through addition by subtraction. He is firing many of the Wokesters over at Twitter, wokesters who only hurt the platform.  Indeed, a recent CNBC report reveals Musk has fired eighty percent of contract workers:

“A large number of Twitter’s contract workers discovered they were suddenly terminated this weekend after they lost access to Slack and other work systems, according to internal communications shared with CNBC by full-time Twitter employees.

An estimated 4,400 of its 5,500 contract workers were cut, according to Platformer, which first reported on the cuts. CNBC has not confirmed the total number.” CNBC reports.


“The cancellation of contractors’ work would mark the latest reduction at the social media platform, which already laid off approximately half of its employees following Elon Musk’s acquisition of the company on Oct. 28.”

This is in keeping with recent reporting that indicates Musk is firing employees at will. As Bloomberg reported earlier this month, Musk fired nearly half of Twitter’s employees a little over a week after taking over:

As Bloomberg reports:

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“Elon Musk plans to eliminate about 3,700 jobs at Twitter Inc., or half of the social media company’s workforce, in a bid to drive down costs following his $44 billion acquisition, according to people with knowledge of the matter. Twitter’s new owner aims to inform affected staffers Friday, said the people, who requested anonymity discussing non-public plans. ”

While we sympathize with those fired, we also recognize Twitter was growing too big for its britches. Even Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey apologized last week for growing the company too fast. All in all, we hope Twitter does not fire these people in vain. They should use this downsizing in scale as an opportunity to change free speech and to turn a genuine profit as a result.