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Elon Musk is making moves! One of these moves was cleaning house over at Twitter — firing Twitter’s entire board of directors. Twitter was in massive need of a regime change, and Musk was just the man for the job.

But Musk isn’t stopping there. In fact, Musk is using the expertise he has gained from running famed companies like Tesla and SpaceX to change Twitter for the better. As such, Musk is using Tesla employees to shape Twitter’s entire future — hiring 50 Tesla employees to revamp Twitter into a free speech haven!

As NBC News reports:

“New Twitter owner Elon Musk has pulled more than 50 of his trusted Tesla employees, mostly software engineers from the Autopilot team, into his Twitter takeover, CNBC has learned…

According to internal records viewed by CNBC, employees from Musk’s other companies are now authorized to work at Twitter, including more than 50 from Tesla, two from the Boring Company (which is building underground tunnels) and one from Neuralink (which is developing a brain-computer interface).”

This is in keeping with earlier reporting which indicated Musk was using Tesla Engineers to review Twitter software code. As the Bloomberg reports:

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“Elon Musk asked engineers from Tesla Inc., the electric-car maker he runs, to meet with product leaders at Twitter Inc., moving swiftly to make a mark on the company he’s about to take private, according to people familiar with the matter.

Earlier Thursday in Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters, product leaders showed Tesla engineers the company’s code, so they could assess and explain to Musk what the company needs, according to one of the people.”

These are welcome developments. If Twitter wants to continue to drive the public conversation, it had better get with the times. The world loves free speech, and lately, Twitter has been acting more like a publisher and less like a town square. By censoring a sitting US President, Twitter showed the American people and the world just how truly radical it had become. Now Musk has a chance to right that wrong. We look forward to seeing the results of his endeavors.