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A new poll by CBS/YouGov released this week showed that a majority of independent voters want Republicans to prioritize investigations into President Joe Biden and his family for potential fraud and tax evasion caused by the president’s son’s business dealings.

The poll, conducted from January 4th to the 6th, asked respondents what the 118th Congress should prioritize. One of those questions revolved around investigating Joe Biden. The poll showed that amongst Independents, 53 percent ranked investigating the president as either a “high” or “medium” priority.

Similarly, 84 percent of Republican respondents wanted investigations to be a priority while only 32 percent of Democrats wanted the Republican majority, under the leadership of Rep. James Comer (R-KY) as Oversight Committee Chair, to investigate the 46th president.

Independents also wanted to prioritize any investigations into the president’s son, Hunter Biden, who has been repeatedly accused of wrongdoing via his shady business practices in foreign countries.

57 percent of Independents wanted the Republican majority to get to the bottom of Hunter Biden’s actions in places like Ukraine and China where he allegedly used his father’s connections to score business deals.


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84 percent of Republican respondents want investigations into Hunter Biden prioritized while only 38 percent of Democrats wanted them to be a priority for the new Congress.

Luckily for both Independents and Republicans, the House majority has already begun to take action. Rep. Comer has launched nine separate investigations into the Biden family to hold them accountable for potential violations of money laundering, tax evasion, and wire fraud, according to Breitbart.

“[GOP Oversight] continues to hear from credible sources that the Biden family received gifts from foreign adversaries,” Rep. Comer wrote on Twitter last week. “This raises serious ethical concerns. Is [President Biden] compromised from Hunter Biden’s influence peddling schemes? It’s time to uncover the truth.”

When asked about claims of Biden’s influence peddling, Comer said “We think it is very credible. We’ve heard from multiple different sources that first of all these records exist but more importantly that the Biden family did receive numerous gifts from our adversaries around the world. That raises all sorts of ethics questions, that raises questions as to whether or not those gifts were reported on their taxes…The Biden family has been involved in this influence peddling scheme for over a decade and Joe Biden gets left out of this conversation quite often but he is just as big a part in the Biden family influence peddling as Hunter Biden is.”

It is clear that the American people want Hunter and Joe Biden investigated to have a broader understanding of whether or not they used their influence to personally profit and determine if crimes were committed while doing so. Rep. Comer and the other Republicans on the House Oversight Committee are happy to oblige.

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