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A new poll put out by the Economist/YouGov shows former president Donald Trump’s net favorability rating souring by 15 percentage points over the last month, as President Joe Biden continues tearing our nation into pieces.

The poll finds 45 percent of Americans have a favorable view of Donald Trump while 23 percent of Americans have a very favorable view of the former president. In addition, 22 percent of Americans have a somewhat favorable view. While that might not seem like a lot, it is a major upswing in a very short amount of time.

As Breitbart reports, “the 45th president, the only Republican candidate thus far in the 2024 presidential primary field, has made major strides in his favorability rating compared to an Economist/YouGov poll conducted from December 10-13. Trump’s net rating in that poll registered at -18 points, as 38 percent found him favorable versus 56 percent who viewed him as unfavorable. The jump from -18 points to -3 points is a 15-point net gain.”


The poll also finds voters are less than impressed with the radical leftist agenda of the Biden administration. 54 percent of Americans believe our country is headed in the wrong direction. Indeed, only 33 percent of Americans believe our country is generally on the right track.

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Truly, who blames the majority of Americans for feeling otherwise? Biden has destabilized our southern border. Our economy is struggling, and inflation is crippling — the poll finds 66 percent of Americans believe the economy is either fair or poor. Compare that to the economic highs we achieved under former President Donald Trump.

Most importantly, American pride is on the downswing. Trump’s agenda aided American pride and bolstered our spirits. On the other hand, Biden has repeatedly caused us to be a laughing stock on the world stage, whether in his disastrous handling of the crisis in Ukraine or the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

President Biden is putting America last, and we the people feel the effects in our daily lives. There is very little that is redeemable in the current administration, very little of the true, the good, and the beautiful we saw exhibited under the helm of Donald J. Trump.