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In New York City Thursday, ‘The Gray Lady,’ The New York Times, one of America’s once-venerated ‘newspapers of record’ founded in 1871 and owned by the Sulzberger family since 1896, saw its reporters and editors walk out into the city streets in a 24-hour walkout as employees went on strike.

A rally outside of the NYT building resulted in hundreds of employees forming the picket line.

“We’re fighting for a fair contract, we’ve been at the bargaining table for 20 months, and we don’t have a contract yet,” Times journalist Larry Buchanan explained to Fox News. “We’re out here striking because we want a fair contract. We haven’t had a wage raise in two years.”

Fox reported that the Times and its unionized employees have been battling it out over proposed pay rates, bonuses, remote work policies, and the internal employee performance rating system.

The employees of the Times’ newsroom in The New York Times Guild, a unionized portion of the NewsGuild of New York, published a Wednesday statement saying that the paper’s management, still under the fifth generation of the Sulzberger family, failed to meet “the economic moment,” adding that the publication was “far behind inflation.”

It is notable that throughout the current inflation crisis, Times columnist Paul Krugman suggested in July that 9.1% inflation as it stood at that time “doesn’t matter much.” He dismissed reporting on the dire economic outlook as outdated claiming that it failed to reflect drops in gas prices according to Fox.

Jeanna Smialek wrote for the Times in September that “Inflation in the United States has been cooling on an annual basis over recent months as a result of falling gasoline prices.” So why isn’t that ‘good news’ sufficient for the union that represents many of these writers and editors?

So when inflation is bad for the American people its “transitory” and “hysteria,” but when it’s bad for writers at the Times, who are rankling at not making the minimum of $65,000 per year they’ve demanded, then it shows management not “meeting the moment”?

An investigative reporter for the Sports section, and member of the Guild Contract Action Team Kevin Draper told Fox, “We feel that the New York Times management, they are not making proposals that recognize our value to the Times or the strong position the company is in.”

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Draper may have missed John O. McGinnis 2019 essay for Law & Liberty that detailed “The Ongoing Decline of The New York Times,” wherein he noticed three key factors of the Gray Lady’s downfall: “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” “The Decline of Advertising Revenue” and “The Postmodern Generation.”

McGinnis prophetically explained three years ago, “While Trump will not be President forever, the latter two factors are likely to continue to push the Times to become an ever-less-objective paper. Advertising is likely to continue to dry up. And students appear ever more woke.”

Fox reported that the NYT staff was to rally outside their offices that afternoon and that the founder of the thoroughly debunked and heavily biased “1619 project,” Nikole Hannah-Jones would be speaking.