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In Paris as Christmas approached the sanctity of the season was broken by vandalism of a seventeenth-century Saint-Roch church reported by French media on Wednesday. The mayor of central Paris has since claimed the attack is connected to a political rally by the French Les Patriotez party.

The church, located near the Louvre museum, was spraypainted with leftist slogans, such as “Nazis, Frenchs, Pro-Deutch, Fuck Off,” according to Breitbart. Some other messages spraypainted on the church translate to, “False Nobles Behind Torture,” and notably many include Anarchist symbolism of the encircled “A”.

The mayor of central Paris Ariel Weil claimed to reporters that the attack was connected to a rally held by the former National Rally politician Florian Phillipot who now chairs the Les Patriotes party, a French pro-sovereignty pro-“Frexit” party.

“A few days before Christmas, scandalous inscriptions on the Eglise Saint-Roch, no doubt on the sidelines of the demonstration by Philippot’s supporters this weekend,” he said.

Adding, “Complaint was filed at the police station and cleaning started by the city’s cleanliness teams. Thanks to the officers.”

Philippot posted video of the Dec. 17th rally to Twitter.

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Philippot responded to the accusation by calling out the Paris mayor for defamation, (translated) “But who does he think he is? He is the mayor so he thinks he is authorized to defame?! Come on, I’m wearing #plainte ! The demonstration absolutely did not pass by there and it is not the kind of the house! We won’t let anything go!”

The attack is reportedly the most recent in a series of anti-Christian incidents in France to take place this Christmas season, according to Breitbart. Similar acts of vandalism have been reported near Strasbourg and Bordeaux involving an arson committed on a nativity scene as well as a local Christmas tree being cut down by an assailant yelling “Allahu Akbar” respectively.