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Tyree Moorehead, the ‘no shoot zone’ activist of Baltimore, was shot and killed by Baltimore Police Nov. 6 as he attacked a woman with a large knife in the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood near North Fulton Avenue and West Lafayette Avenue.

Responding police officers found the 46-year-old ex-convict grappling with an unidentified woman on the ground with a knife in his hand according to recently released officer-worn body camera footage at about 3:40 p.m. EST

Officer Zachary Rutherford, identified by WJZ-TV, exited his patrol vehicle after calling for more units, shouting commands at Moorehead who continued his attack. The officer is then seen firing thirteen rounds at Moorehead until he rolls off the woman he was attacking.

After he rolled off the woman he continued to brandish the knife toward a bystander and the responding officer fired a final fourteenth shot, after which Moorehead no longer moved.

Former police officer, SWAT team member, and Navy veteran Cody Garrett, host of the popular YouTube Channel Donut Operator, featuring educational, police-related content analyzed the shooting.

In his video analysis peppered with military/police humor, Garrett explained the officer’s tactics,

“To break it down a little more: If you watch carefully, the officer looks like he tries to place himself where he doesn’t shoot the woman and starts shooting the guy from the legs up to avoid bullet over penetration into the woman who is about to be turned into sushi.
So he’s working his way up the body. And when the guy rolls off of the woman that’s when he starts doing some Center Mass shots. Then the suspect points the knife at another man nearby and the officer gives him one more for good measure which was actually his last round.”
The officers can be heard calling for medics on the radio and are seen rendering first aid to Moorehead and his would-be victim.
Moorehead has transported to an area hospital where he later died from his injuries according to CBS News. Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison told a press conference, “The female was not critically injured and was not stabbed.”

Mayor Brandon Scott, who joined the Commissioner added, “We cannot have folks assaulting women in the middle of the street in daylight in Baltimore City.”
Scott told reporters that without the officer’s timely actions, the conference could have been covering the victim’s death as well.

“We could be talking here tonight about a woman that has lost her life as well, but we’re not because of the actions that they took quickly,” Scott said.

WJZ-TV reporter Cristina Mendez reported that the scene of the incident was shut down for crime scene investigators. Both officers involved, Rutherford and Officer Trainee Michael Hazel are on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Moorehead was reportedly shot in an August incident in East Baltimore according to The Western Journal. In addition to his anti-gun violence activism, neighbors who spoke to a WJZ-TV reporter and cited by The Western Journal, described Moorehead as “very aggressive,” adding that he “regularly antagonized” them. Some of them even shared footage of him brandishing an ax and sharpening it on the sidewalk.

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Justin Fenton an Investigative Reporter for the Baltimore Banner tweeted that fellow reporter Ben Conark “was at the scene earlier and residents told him the victim had been threatening people in recent weeks. Case search shows he’s been arrested several times over the past couple years for disorderly conduct, assault, property destruction..”