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New York City has been plagued in recent months by a string of subway crimes and a new analysis from the Daily Caller News Foundation has revealed that the increase in major felony crimes has actually outstripped passenger growth by a significant margin.

The major felony rate was up to 40.2 percent higher in the subway system during the first ten months of 2022 when compared year-over-year to the same period in 2021 according to early statistics cited by The Daily Caller.

Ridership or passenger use of the system throughout subways, buses, and shuttles only grew by 30.5 percent based on data the outlet cited in reports from the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

According to the MTA and the NYPD,

  • Murder increased by 50%.
  • Rape increased by 125%
  • Robbery increased by 31.6%
  • Felony Assaults increased 18.1%
  • Grand Larceny increased by 60.2%

All told, 550 more major felonies were committed on the MTA system in New York City in 2022 so far than in the same ten months of 2021, totaling 1,917 felony crimes.

Murders in the subway since 2020 have leaped to the highest annual levels seen in twenty-five years according to The New York Post.

The system has reportedly seen nine murders so far in 2022, three of them in October.

The Post reported that Aaron Donovan, a spokesman for the MTA, when asked to comment touted an influx of new police officers that was announced jointly by NYC Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul.

“The NYPD is now putting more officers on subway cars and on platforms, and so far this month it has resulted in a drop in crime,” Donovan said.

However, opinions on the effectiveness of the move are divided with some expressing relief and the belief that more police officers equate to more attention from the city, while others suggest the criminal element, ” just wait until police are not around,” as grocery store worker Lee Rivera told The Post.

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