‘Biden’s Mentally Lost’ Former Obama and Bush Doctor Has Terrifying Assessment of Biden’s Mental Capacity

President Biden has struggled to read off teleprompters and has labored through basic sentences. Biden has perplexed even those sympathetic to his cause. We do feel sorry for the President. We have to, basic human sympathy requires it. The real victim, however, is not the President. The real victim is all of us.

Of course, it is true that Joe Biden never should have run. But we are the ones who bear the brunt of the consequences. And not just us, but all of our children. The future in Joe Biden’s America is bleak. 2022 and 2024 may be our last battles in the fight to save America, truly, to make it great again.

However, there is a method of averting crisis. There is a way for the President to show true heroism. America would thank him in the coming years, whether they understand his action or not. Biden needs to step down. He’s losing support fast. In fact, this plan would be perfect, if not for the fact Vice President Kamala Harris is the heir apparent.

Biden may be staying in office solely to protect America from a fate much worse — the prospects of a Kamala Harris presidency. The President cemented that fate of course. He made his bed, and he has to sleep in it.  As bad as Joe Biden is, his laugh is bearable. Our ears may never recover from a Kamala Harris administration.

Doctor Ronny Jackson was a White House Physician under the three previous administrations.  He helped serve three U.S. Presidents and knows the mental acumen it takes to do the job. And Biden just does not have it. Jackson is a very accomplished man, currently a member of the House of Representatives for Texas’s Thirteenth District. That’s why when Doctor Ronny Jackson went on a Twitter rant, we had to listen. The good doctor’s observations are predictably derogatory but surprisingly accurate. Here are the tweets:

We agree with everything the Doctor has said so far. We hope he continues to speak the truth. More and more Americans are coming around to the truth — Biden has to go.

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