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A number of Sheriffs in Oregon have refused to enforce the state’s radical new gun control law, Measure 114, which requires a permit from law enforcement to buy a firearm.

As Newsweek reports, the bill does the following:

“Applicants would need to complete an approved, in-person firearm safety course, pay a fee, provide personal information, submit to fingerprinting and photographing, and pass a federal criminal background check to qualify for a permit. These would be processed by local police chiefs, county sheriffs or their designees.

The measure also bans large-capacity magazines over 10 rounds, except in some circumstances, and creates a statewide firearms database.”

While the ballot measure narrowly passed, it has had several high-profile detractors, including a number of important figures in local law enforcement.

The Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association (OSSA), which is comprised of 36 Sheriffs, has made their opposition to the bill known.

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“OSSA has thoroughly reviewed Measure 114, and we have serious concerns about how this measure will adversely impact public safety in our communities around the state.” OSSA President Shane Nelson said in a video.

In their magazine, the group effectively argued against the ballot measure from the second amendment:


“The second major component of this measure is that it would outlaw large-capacity magazines (more than ten rounds) for everyone but military or law enforcement personnel. Because nearly every modern pistol currently manufactured comes with magazines that hold more than ten rounds, such a ban can easily be seen as negatively impacting a core Second Amendment right”

The group summarizes their argument as follows:

“Gun-control issues are always controversial and highly emotional, and opinions vary widely. OSSA believes that Measure 114 creates a duplicate permit system that doesn’t make our communities or the state safer. Measure 114 effectively diverts local law enforcement resources from law enforcement response to criminal activity and requires that it be focused instead on a duplicate permit process that likely violates the Second Amendment of the U. S. Constitution.”

As a result, several Sheriffs have refused to enforce the bill. As Newsweek reports:

“Nevertheless, several sheriffs have pledged not to enforce the law in recent days.

Sherman County Sheriff Brad Lohrey ‘said our office would not enforce Measure 114,’ Undersheriff James Burgett told Newsweek on Tuesday.”

We cannot agree more. While this is a heated topic, our Second Amendment rights ought to reign supreme. America without her constitution is no America, and these Sheriffs appreciate that fact.