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Approximately 20 miles off the coast of Thailand an aging naval warship lost power in heavy seas when its electrical and propulsion systems were flooded, ultimately capsizing and sinking Sunday night.

Seventy-five crewmen were rescued from the heaving waves in the Gulf of Thailand but as of Tuesday, six are confirmed dead with some 23 still missing according to CNA.

A Guided-missile Corvette manufactured in Tacoma, Washington, the 252-foot-long HTMS Sukhothai FS-442 was commissioned into the Royal Thai Navy in 1987.

Channel News Asia reported that Thai helicopters, airplanes and four additional vessels HTMS Kraburi, HTMS Angthong, HTMS Naresuan, and HTMS Bhumibol Adulyadej are continuing the search.

Royal Thai Navy Commander-In-Cheif Choengchai Chomchoengpaet told a press conference in Bangkok, “We will keep going until the mission is complete and we bring our people back.”

After one survivor 23-year-old Chananyu Gansriya was plucked from the sea he added, “I believe that this is good news that we could find more people,” explaining that Gansriya is recovering on the HTMS Angthong.

According to CNN, the heavy winds caused Sukhothai to tilt heavily toward the sea allowing seawater to enter its exhaust system immediately disabling its engines and electrical system. This left the vessel essentially dead in the water unable to use electrical pumps to fight flooding and unable to turn her bow into the waves.
BBC World reported that one ship, the HTMS Kraburi was able to reach Sukhothai before she sank and recovered most of her crew. Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-Cha released a statement on Monday saying that he is “following the news closely.”
A statement from the Royal Thai Navy reported by CNN said that over the next three hours, attempts to provide the crew with pumps from other vessels failed. “At 00.12 am of Monday, the Sukhothai tiled even further and later sank,” the statement said.
The Royal Thai Navy posted dramatic footage of the Sukhothai listing heavily after taking on water, tweeting, “The Royal Thai Navy clarified the case #เรือหลวงสุโขทัย while patrolling a distance of 20 miles from the pier in Bang Saphan District, Prachuap Province. due to strong winds There is sea water flowing into the electrical system. power outage Major machines stopped working. can’t control the ship and the water entered the hull so quickly that the ship tilted”

Vice Admiral Pichai Lorchusakul, the regional navy commander told reporters that finding the remaining men Tuesday will be critical, as their expected survival time is running out.

“Life jacket, life buoy and their floating technique allow us 48 hours to save their lives,” he said Monday. “We will try to do as much as we can to save them.”