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An unknown actor made a life-threatening attack against former GOP Congressional candidate Pat Harrigan (R-NC) and his family. According to Daily Mail, gunshots were allegedly fired into Harrigan’s parents’ residence.

Pat Harrigan’s daughters, ages 3 and 5, were reported to have been sleeping directly above where the shots entered the home on October 18th. 

Harrigan spoke to Fox and Friends about the disturbing incident. After being welcomed onto the show, he opened by saying, “I think the most important thing to say is everybody is safe at this point.”

“I don’t want to impede or influence the investigation that law enforcement is doing right now in any way shape or form, but what I can tell you is that we have many more questions than we have answers at this juncture.” 

“This all started at the very beginning of this campaign when my opponent started to lie about me. And I’m not talking about just normal lies,” Harrigan asserted. 

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“I’m talking about vile and nasty lies. I’m in the firearms industry, one of these lies is that I profit from the deaths of children. Truly reprehensible, and this has led to a cascade of consequences for me and my family where I’ve received a very credible death threat.” 

“This was followed up by my opponent utilizing very poor judgment to actually shoot an ad out in front of one of my homes and display that home for all to see in the world,” Harrigan explained. 

Pat Harrigan reminded the audience of what happened to Steve Scalise (R-LA) in 2017 when a crazed man opened fire on Republicans during a baseball practice for the annual Congressional game.

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“I mean in the era of Steve Scalise and Brett Kavanuagh and now Paul Pelosi this is just unbelievable to me, and he also used pictures of my family in a complaint that he filed over the course of this campaign.”

“And then two weeks ago, my parents are watching TV at 11 o’clock at night, just sitting in their living room, and a bullet cracks through their home only 20 feet away from where my kids were sleeping that night.” 

“This is politics at its worst. And the reason it’s this way is because my opponent is desperate to do anything that he possibly can to talk about anything other than what actually matters in this campaign which is the economy, inflation, rampant crime, declining educational outcomes for our kids, the crisis at the southern border, it doesn’t matter what he has to manufacture, he is willing to trade my security and my family’s security to score political points, and it’s reprehensible.”

While little else is known about the incident, it isn’t comforting to see incidents like this so close to the midterms. 

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