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In a recent interview with On with Kara Swisher, Piers Morgan alleged that CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who joined the network in 2001, backstabbed the host multiple times while he was at the network.

Morgan sat down with Swisher to discuss his long-lasting career bucking the establishment and being a champion for free speech both in Britain and America.

During their discussion, Swisher questioned Piers about his time at NewsCorp and the reasoning why he left and subsequently returned to the network, according to Mediaite.

In response, Morgan opined that he didn’t think the environment or the people changed much between his initial departure and his return to the mass media publishing company headquartered in Manhattan.

Morgan then went on somewhat of a tangent describing his experiences in other tv networks and news organizations. “I gotta say, and this, you know, people can believe this or not, but I find it a very friendly collegiate place to work,” he explained about his time at NewsCorp. “Everyone’s very nice. When I was at CNN, it could be a lot less friendly than Fox. A lot more backbiting, a lot more backstabbing actually in some cases.”


Morgan then proceeded to mention Cooper for the way he treated Morgan during his time with CNN: “Don’t wanna mention names, but Anderson Cooper knows where he is. And I found that Fox — I found that Fox is a different atmosphere by contrast.”

Morgan then commented on the recent changes made by CNN CEO Chris Licht to attempt to make the network more neural and less partisan in its coverage.

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“The way — if you look at how networks have changed, what happened at CNN in the last few years was fascinating,” he said about the left-leaning bent the network has developed. “You know, they went from being a completely nonpartisan, impartial, non-political network to an outright open Trump bashing entity.”

It is clear that Morgan, who has been in the media world since the 1990s, has experience with unsavory characters from across the business. It is no surprise that Anderson Cooper is one of them. Morgan has long been a beacon for sound journalism and hopefully, more journalists follow his kind of investigative and hard-hitting style.

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