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In Eastern Europe, the nation of Hungary under Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has exempted all young mothers from paying income taxes, expanding a raft of pro-family policies designed to stave off demographic decline without resorting to mass immigration.

Hungary now joins a growing community of nations including Finland, Poland, South Korea, Singapore, France, Australia, Canada, and Russia that are following decades-long plans to stimulate population growth and combat declining birth rates.

Ágnes Hornung, Secretary of State for Family Policy told Breitbart in a statement Sunday, “According to the government’s calculations, tens of thousands of young mothers with an income could avail themselves of the possibility of tax exemption.”

“They are eligible not only for the new income tax exemption, but equally for all other forms of family support, including the family tax allowance, the baby expecting support [loan], and the child care fee,” she added.

Orbán has vocally opposed immigration into European nations from Asia, Africa and the Middle East, while sounding the alarm that “fewer and fewer children are being born throughout Europe” and that, “the West [is] responding to this with immigration,” according to Breitbart.

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He said in 2019 that “Hungarians see this in a different light. We do not need numbers, but Hungarian children,” adding that to him, “immigration means surrender.”

The Hungarian leader expanded upon this in February 2022 when he criticized Western European nations of handling “population – or depopulation – problems” with “the import of immigrants.”

He told the Hungarian people, “There are countries in Western Europe like the German [left-liberal coalition] government that has just taken office and has written the following into its programme: ‘Germany is an immigrant country.’ I’d rather cut off my own hand than write such a sentence into any government programme,”

According to Daily News Hungary, Hornung told public news channel M1 that the government also extended the period for mothers to obtain prenatal baby support loans by two years. Mothers between ages 18-41 with their first child expected within five years can apply for the 10 million Hungarian Forint (EUR 24,800, USD $26,531) zero-interest prenatal baby support loan until December 31, 2024.

The right-leaning Orbán-led government has also spear-headed pro-life policies in the country implementing a new law requiring women to listen to their baby’s heartbeat prior to obtaining an abortion, according to Deutsche Welle News.

In March, Katalin Novak, the country’s pro-life, pro-family former Minister for Family Affairs was elected Hungary’s first woman president, according to Hungary Today.

Novak told the National Catholic Register in 2019 “in many cases, everything is considered ‘far right; that is to the right of a given position.”

“It’s not normal, for example, to compare family support to Nazism — as one Swedish minister has done,” she added, according to The Daily Wire. “Our main aim is to provide opportunities and to make it possible for young Hungarians to freely decide about their lives. Is this far right?”