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United Kingdom pro-life activist Isabel Vaughan Spruce was arrested for the heinous crime of ‘praying in her head’ near an abortion clinic. New video footage shows the unjust arrest due to the UK’s “Public Spaces Protection Order,” which aims to stop “anti social behavior” in public places. 

She was officially arrested for breaking the “Public Spaces Protection Act” by standing near an abortion clinic in Kings Norton, Birmingham, four times, according to The Alliance Defending Freedom UK. 

The video starts with the officer explaining to Vaughan Spruce her rights, and then he asks her, “What are you here for today?” She replies, “physically I’m just standing here.” 

“Okay, why here of all places? I know you don’t live nearby,” the officer doubles down. “This is an abortion center,” Isabel explains.

The officer asks her if she is protesting, to which she replies no. “Are you praying?” he pressures. “I might be praying in my head,” she confesses.  

After finding that answer sufficient grounds for further questioning, he asks her to voluntarily come with him, to which she explains that if she has a choice, she will not. 

“Okay then you’re under arrest for suspicion of failing to comply with the Public Spaces Protection Order,” the officer informs her. 

Many on social media have expressed outrage at the incident after the video, posted by Mary Margaret Olohan of the Daily Signal, has gone viral. The post has received over 3.6 million views since the incident on Dec. 22.

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Allie B. Stuckey, a commentator from Blaze TV and host of the podcast “Relatable,” tweeted, “Consider that in the very same country where women are arrested for silently praying in front of an abortion clinic, there are roving gangs of Pakistani immigrants raping young girls with impunity. In case you were wondering how the West was lost,” in response to the video. 

Megan Basham, a journalist for the Daily Wire, commented, “Beyond shocking. UK police arrest a woman for quietly praying in front of an abortion clinic. This is where a pluralism divorced from Christian morality inevitability ends because the godless will not abide even the meekest practice of faith that convicts them of their evil.” 

Conservative member of the British Parliament Neil O’Brien called the “Public Spaces Protection Order” appalling, “I voted against this appalling law at national level,” he tweeted. 

The Alliance Defending Freedom has set up a support page for Isabel, where over 8,000 pounds have already been donated to the cause. Donations received will help with court proceedings, legal fees, and expenses and help “advocate for laws, policies, and guidance that protect freedom of speech, thought, and assembly.”

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