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Across the United States from Los Angeles to Nashville and New York City, even as far away as London in the UK, demonstrators gathered to protest the fashion brand Balenciaga outside of their boutiques and partner retailers. The Saturday protests followed mass outrage at an ad campaign that featured children holding teddy bears adorned in attire related to BDSM sexual content.

The protests that occurred in some twenty cities according to The Daily Wire, criticized the designer label for promoting the sexual exploitation of children, the organizers known as Mom Army said. Additional groups such as Dad Army, Freedom Forever, and Gays Against Groomers joined Mom Army in planning the protests outside of the flagship Balenciaga stores along with other high-end fashion outlets.

“We are mothers, we are consumers, and we are taking a stand: stop putting profit over our children,” An organizer with Mom Army, Lucy Riles told The Daily Wire at the Nashville protest.

Riles added that she was “fed up with the sexualization, exploitation, indoctrination, child mutilation, and all these agendas that are happening right now in this country and the climate.”

In a Friday response to the protests posted to Instagram, Balenciaga creative director Demna Gvasalia issued a public apology calling the campaign the “wrong artistic choice of concept,” adding “It was inappropriate to have kids promote objects that had nothing to do with them.”


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Brandon Drey with The Daily Wire reported that the protest in Nashville had a few disruptions but was overall peaceful.

#CancelBalenciaga has been trending on Twitter and other social media and popular Tiktok and Instagram influencers have posted pictures and video of them destroying their Balenciaga gear.

Jeff Schroeder, host of a TEGNA show called “The Daily Blast Live,” made national headlines when he pulled out his studio earpiece and launched into a near two-minute rant against the brand and its celebrity endorsers.

Schroeder in particularly called out Kim Kardashian along with the rest of Hollywood. “Don’t you tell me, Hollywood, how to live my life or you want me cancelled, or because you produce something. You’re gonna go around because Balenciaga pays you a million dollars, two million, five million? Kim Kardashian, shame on you! You’re a billionaire, you don’t need this company. They need you, and for you to take a week and a half to come to a conclusion – shame on you!”

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