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San Francisco seems to be making a bid for the most ridiculous social program in the country. Earlier this week, the city announced they will launch a new income program which is open only to those who do not identify with their sex assigned at birth.

In other words, this new program only accepts transgender applicants. Those who ‘identify’ with their biological sex will not benefit from the program.

G.I.F.T (Guaranteed Income for Transgender People) will be rolled out with 55 transgender residents, affording each of them a $1200 per month payment for up to 18 months, according to local news.

Little else is currently known as to the goals of this new program, however the details as to who it will allegedly benefit are well known. It’s clear that this newest social justice welfare program is designed to be discriminatory.

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Radical leftist mayor, London Breed, was quoted saying, “Our Guaranteed Income Programs allow us to help our residents when they need it most as part of our City’s economic recovery and our commitment to creating a more just city for all.”

“We know that our trans communities experience much higher rates of poverty and discrimination, so this program will target support to lift individuals in this community up. We will keep building on programs like this to provide those in the greatest need with the financial resources and services to help them thrive,” Breed continued according to local news.

San Francisco is allocating 2 million dollars of taxpayer money to the program. While this seems absurd, this isn’t the first discriminatory program the city has implemented.

According to local news, San Francisco launched a program back in 2020 allocating $1,000 dollar monthly payments to pregnant individuals of Black or Pacific Islander descent exclusively. In 2021, they launched another program for struggling artists ‘impacted by the pandemic’ which gave out $1000 dollar payments as well.

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Not to worry though, this new social program is available to many individuals within the transgender community. Libs of Tik Tok posted on Twitter new information regarding the program, explaining that it will be open to individuals with varying ‘trans status’ as the official website puts it.

“These are all the pronoun options for this new government program,” Libs of Tik Tok wrote.

“The application for transgender San Francisco residents to receive guaranteed income, has NINETY SEVEN gender options. Beyond parody,” they continued.

Not to worry though, under the FAQ section of the official website for the program, it explains that you do not have to be a legal citizen of the United States to receive these benefits. The only requirement for renewal is completion of a survey every 3 months.

While individuals must be making $600 or less when they enroll, applicants may renew for 18 months as long as they are making less than $4000 per month and live within the city of San Francisco.

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