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On Friday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) joined Newsmax’s Eric Boiling to discuss the FBI and its role, or lack thereof, in the Biden classified document scandal.

When asked about whether the drip, drip, drip of the classified documents is an accidental mistake by the president or if it was purposeful in some way to push Biden out of the Democrat nomination for 2024. In response, the Kentucky senator explained that the classified documents could be linked to Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

“You know I think the biggest story out of this is no one likes hypocrisy. No one likes to see a double standard. No one likes to see a government that prosecutes Trump in one way and then looks the other way when the same thing happens with Biden. So I think it looks bad when you call for the prosecution and throw the book at Donald Trump because he has classified information and he wasn’t doing the right thing and then you are doing the exact same thing,” he said. “The one thing that may be different here, we don’t know, is whether or not the classified documents have anything to do with Hunter Biden’s sort of scheme to take advantage of his father’s name and make money in foreign countries. If the documents are related to Hunter Biden’s business dealings then we are talking a whole other world of problems for them.”

Paul then explained that nothing will come of the investigations and special counsels other than millions of dollars down the drain leading to no charges being brought against Trump or Biden. He then went on to explain that there is an over-classification problem within the federal government stating, “I think it is more likely than not that we’ve classified more documents that it’s hard to find documents that aren’t classified.”

The senator then went on to explain that classification has led to other problems such as not being able to provide the public with information on the origins of the COVID-19 virus, as reported by Breitbart.

The host then went on to ask for Paul’s insight into why the FBI is cooperating so closely with President Biden by initially allowing the 80-year-old lawyers to search his Delaware property without supervision.


“There’s such a degree of deference and this is what bothers Republicans. I meet Republicans everywhere across the country, across Kentucky and people come up to me and they’re worried that their government will target them because of their political beliefs. So if you were a

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Trump supporter, we can name several of them, who were dragged from their beds, arrested in their underwear,” Paul explained, adding, “it is entirely different the way they treated Trump with a raid all publicized before an election and the way they’re treating with kid loves and a kindler, gentler form of law enforcement for Biden. I think people see through this. And this is why people are alarmed that we live in a country where there is a possibility that you may be treated differently because of your political beliefs.”

Paul then went on to explain that the intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice have shifted to become left-leaning institutions due to “Potomac fever.”

“I think it’s swamp fever, Potomac fever. The ones closest to the swamp have become infected with influence and power and politics. I play golf with a retired FBI agent. He’s conservative. Most of the agents that I meet in the field are conservative. They’re typical law enforcement kind of people. … But really it’s the political class up here that is corruptible and [has] become very left-wing,” he continued, adding, “these are the people infiltrating the FBI at the highest levels. We need a thorough cleaning. It’s only going to happen if we get a president who gets rid of the top 10% and brings in some law enforcement people from out in Kansas or Kentucky or someplace, people who truly are law enforcement people, and let’s repopulate the FBI at the top with real law enforcement people, not politicians.”

Senator Paul’s idea to oust the top 10 percent of the FBI would prove to be a decisive action to drain the Washington bureaucracy of entrenched bureaucrats that, instead of serving the American people, serve themselves. Hopefully, in a new administration come 2024, the next Republican president can take action and solve the entrenched bureaucracy plaguing America.

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