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The race between Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and her Democratic challenger Adam Frisch came within the state’s mandatory recount threshold and the results revealed Boebert to be the winner Monday.

The election came down to a 500-vote gap according to Newsmax, the recount netted Frisch a mere two votes. Mr. Frisch, an Aspen City Councilman had notably already conceded the race in November after the initial tally put him under the mandatory recount margin.

Boebert Tweeted about her win Monday evening, “All of the counties completed their recounts, and confirmed we’ve won this race. Republicans have been entrusted with the majority and we must now prove we can take the temperature down in DC by leading not only with strength but grace.”

Boebert wasn’t expected to face a difficult challenge following the redistricting of Colorado due to the 2020 census. FiveThirtyEight estimated Boebert’s 3rd District held a pro-Republican lean of R+19 points. According to the political news outlet, Colorado was beset with a blue-wave playing out at the state-level, one that allegedly “washed out even into Boebert’s red district.”

Kaleigh Rogers went on to explain for the outlet that, “Not only did Democrats win big-ticket races for governor and Senate, they also won competitive House races in the 7th District and newly created 8th District and flipped seven seats in the state legislature, giving the state GOP the smallest minority it ever had.”

GOP State Representative Colin Larson who was among the seven members to lose a seat was quoted as calling it an “extinction-level event,” according to Colorado Public Radio.

He added, “This was the asteroid that ended the reign of the dinosaur, and in this case, the dinosaur was the Republican Party.”

Indeed in this election, the state Democrats did seem to pull out all of the stops as was widely reported in Sept. 2021 that they attempted to add the Democrat stronghold of Boulder to her largely rural district.

That plan was rejected, however, the approved new district map did remove Jackson Routt and parts of Eagle counties from Boebert’s district adding them to CD2, as well as removing Lake and Custer counties and adding them to CD7 and pulling over two southern Colorado counties Las Animas and Otero counties to her district.

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Notably, Las Animas county flipped to the Democrats in the U.S. Senate and Gubernatorial races as did Aspen and Gunnison counties in central Colorado indicating a more difficult path to Boebert’s next re-election.