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Betting site “PredictIt” currently has the odds of Republicans taking the Senate at over 70 percent — as voters in mass reject both the Biden Administration and the policies of his Democrat congressional enablers. The American people have had it with Biden. Resultantly, the betting markets are catching on to America’s sure and certain opposition to the Democratic Party and its agenda.

As Market Watch reports:

“The Republican Party’s prospects in today’s midterm elections have been continuing to climb this fall, with betting market PredictIt now giving the GOP a more than 70% chance for taking control of the U.S. Senate away from Democrats.

Republicans reached a 76% chance of winning the Senate last Thursday and were at 74% as of Monday, according to PredictIt data.”


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Market Watch notes that while Democrats had an edge over Republicans on PredictIt for August and September, that changed in the second week of October. They also add that “other political betting sites join PredictIt in favoring Republicans, with Smarkets giving the GOP a 70% chance for winning the Senate.”

Republicans have to be ecstatic! Of course, this model says nothing about the margin of victory — whether Republicans will pick up one seat or as many as four. But one thing is sure: Republicans have every reason to be very confident as the polls close on November 8th.

When it comes to predicting the outcome of the elections, it truly is a tale of dueling models — but nearly all of them are favorable to the GOP. FiveThirtyEight gives the Republicans a 59 percent chance of taking the Senate — great odds from a center-left news site. While Real Clear Politics doesn’t do simulated projections, they currently predict Republicans to win 53 seats. Cook Political Report recently moved their projections towards the Party of Lincoln — claiming they can pick up as many as three seats.

All in all, no poll or projection decides the outcome of an election. The American voters alone decide that. And those voters should exercise their rights to send a clear message to President Biden — your agenda is only hurting our country.