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Kentucky Republican Congressman James Comer (R-KY),  ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, announced investigations into Hunter Biden, Covid-19, and the border crisis during a Friday Interview on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

Comer told host guest host Pete Hegseth that a GOP-led House will not let Biden and his administration off the hook. This is great news — exactly what the American people needed to hear as a matter of fact. We deserve answers as to why our Southern Border is in shambles. We deserve to know the motivations that pushed Dr. Fauci to take many of the actions he took during the pandemic. We also need to know the precise nature of Joe Biden’s relationship with his son Hunter.

After discussing the claims of recent whistleblowers — claims we have detailed on the DC Enquirer — Comer turned to a list of three issues Republicans will exercise oversight on should we take the majority in the next Congress.


“Well the top three, obviously, Biden family influence-peddling — because we believe this is a national security risk. We believe a lot of the bad decisions Joe Biden has made is because he’s compromised because of Hunter and his brother’s shady business dealings. We also want to get to the bottom of the origination of Covid-19. We believe that Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins took steps to hinder investigations early on. We don’t think they’ve been honest with how they’ve spent a lot of tax dollars, especially when they went to the Wuhan lab.”

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Comer then turned to the Southern Border, “And then the border, the debacle at the border. We already have whistleblowers that have come forward from Border Patrol that have told us specific conversations they’ve had with Mayorkas, where he is specifically telling them to stand down. So, those will be the top three investigations for the Republican Congress and the House Oversight Committee.”

This is the last thing Biden, and his cronies wanted to hear. Biden will have a long two years ahead of him if Republicans hold his feet to the fire.