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Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) pledged to change America for the better during a Tuesday op-ed for the Washington Examiner titled “Washington liars will not stop us from rescuing America”

The Senator began his column by focusing on Joe Biden’s attack on his “Rescue America” plan. Biden attacked Scott’s plan on a number of fronts — including the plan’s position on taxation and social security.

“Earlier this year, I released a plan with more than 100 ideas for how Republicans can govern and rescue America from President Joe Biden’s radical, socialist agenda that has done nothing but destroy our country with debt, record inflation, and massive crime. The Democrats immediately lost their minds,” Scott began.

“The attacks against me and my plan are a predictable reaction in broken, corrupt Washington, but it’s nothing but total fiction. It’s the same political smear the Democrats use every election, and it’s a lie… Unlike Biden , I’ve never once advocated cutting Social Security, Medicare , or Medicaid. During my time in the Senate, I’ve fought to protect these programs, many times against Democratic-driven cuts and bad policies such as the $280 billion Medicare cut we just saw Democrats pass in August.” Scott remarked.

Scott then opined that Republicans need to once again be the party of great ideas — for that alone will compel Americans to trust the GOP’s leadership.


“Republicans must again become the party of ideas and have no fear of telling the public what we plan to do. It’s time for us to define the future we want for America and how we plan to get there. We’ve done a fine job of telling people how terrible Biden and the Democrats are and how badly they are doing, ” Scott added.

“The public knows all of this. What they do NOT know is what we Republicans are going to do about it. And the stunning part is that this is on purpose. That is the current strategy of many Republicans in Washington, to be against the crazy Democrats only and never outline any plans of what we are for or what we will do.”

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Scott ended by assuring voters a new era of Republican governance has begun — one focused on a positive vision for the future of America.

“But I have good news — a new day is coming. Republicans and conservatives all over this country are demanding that we stand up, boldly defend our values, and fight like hell to save this country. It may take a little bit longer for those in Washington to get the message, but it is coming. A new era in which Republicans actually give the voters a positive reason to vote for them is coming.” Scott wrote.

“A new wave of bold and aggressive Republicans who will stand up and fight is demanding change from our leaders in Washington. It is happening, and it will happen. Count on it.”