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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has been floated by many as a potential challenger to Donald Trump in the 2024 Presidential Primaries. He has quite a resume, and his notoriety is superb. However, recent insider reporting indicates DeSantis is unlikely to challenge Trump in 2024, as the 45th President likely takes another swing at the coveted Republican Presidential nomination.

As Vanity Fair reports:

“For much of the past year, DeSantis has acted like a presidential candidate-in-waiting, leading many to believe he would take on Trump if the former president, as expected, gets in the race.”

The expectation that DeSantis might run is a sensible one. DeSantis is America First, and he has a fantastic reputation as the Governor of the Sunshine State. He has fought tooth and nail against both authoritarianism and wokeness – perhaps the two greatest ills of our time.

But contrary to expectations, DeSantis has allegedly told donors he will not challenge Trump, should he seek the 2024 Presidential nomination. 


“Sources told me DeSantis recently indicated to donors that he would not challenge Trump for the Republican nomination.” Vanity Fair adds. “‘He’s led them to believe he will not run if Trump does,’ a Republican briefed on the donor conversations told me. Another source told me DeSantis’s calculus is that, at age 44, he can easily wait until the next presidential cycle… ‘What would you rather do? Be the governor of Florida for certain or go run for president?’”

Indeed, while many have tried to posit an alleged rift between the two men, to all indications, such a rift does not exist. Trump prayed for the Governor after Hurricane Ian and praised his handling of the job. 

As the DC Enquirer reports, Trump said the following about DeSantis:

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“We also thank God for the Coast Guard, and the National Guard, and law enforcement always, and first responders and countless others who have stepped forward in this time of need. And God bless our governor and all of the mayors, all of the mayors. They’re all working so hard, and they’re heroes, and we’re going to get through this in Florida.”

So it seems Governor DeSantis and Donald Trump are allies, not foes. In the struggle for the future of our country, America First patriots should seek common ground wherever possible. The future of the Republican Party will hinge on the contributions of both Governor Ron DeSantis and Donald J. Trump.

2022 may be the start of America’s full and total embrace of the values both politicians hold very near and dear. We certainly hope so.