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A hit new book about the life and legacy of Rush Limbaugh titled “Radio’s Greatest of All Time” became a New York Times bestseller in November during the book’s release.

The book, published on October 26, hit the top of the charts in the third week of November in the “Combined Press & E-Book Nonfiction” category.

The book was a collection of Rush’s greatest radio moments with commentary from his widow Kathryn Adams Limbaugh and Rush’s younger brother David Limbaugh.

“For more than thirty years, millions of listeners tuned in to hear Rush Limbaugh’s voice,” the synopsis of the book reads. “At its peak, The Rush Limbaugh Show aired on more than 650 radio stations nationwide, and his inimitable commentary and distinctive sense of humor garnered a devoted audience that celebrated with him when he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2020.”

“Rush’s passing the following year sent shock waves through the conservative and broadcasting communities,” it continued. “In this timeless collection of his best work, his triumphant legacy as the greatest voice for conservatism is cemented in history.”


“When Rush’s dear friend Vince Flynn first suggested the idea of this book, Rush considered the task daunting,” the summary explains. “‘How can I possibly select the best of the best,’ he joked, ‘from all the years of pure genius?’ Over time, Rush came to love this project immensely, and recalled incredible details from his childhood and early career.”

“Featuring commentary from loved ones, family, friends, and prominent figures such as President Donald Trump, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Governor Ron DeSantis, and more, Radio’s Greatest of All Time is the ultimate gift for any devoted listener and leaves no doubt about his profound impact on this country.”

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Rush, who hosted the Rush Limbaugh Show from 1988 until his death, passed away from lung cancer at the age of 70 on February 17, 2021.

With the success of “Radio’s Great of All Time,” it is clear that Rush still lives on in the hearts of his listeners across the country as Americans reflect on their fond memories of the radio host.

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