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Actor, comedian, and political host Russel Brand took to Instagram earlier this week to share an inspirational personal story. Brand celebrated 20 years clean and sober on Dec. 3rd, according to the video. 

Brand has become a famous icon due to his Youtube and Rumble Channel “Stay Free,” where Brand educates his viewers on “media corruption, state corruption, big business corruption and the collaboration between these three entities.” 

He discusses many popular topics on his show, such as the pandemic, American politics, and Ukraine. He also has been known to bring on some relatively well-known guests, such as Jordan Peterson and Tim Pool. 

“I’m twenty years clean and sober today, it’s Dec. 13th. So firstly I want to express my gratitude to all the people who have helped me remain clean and sober. It’s never done on your own,” Brand explained to his followers. 

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“In fact, even though it’s seen and celebrated as a personal achievement, it is in essence a community and spiritual achievement. What I’ve been taught and shown is that it is impossible for a person like me to not drink and use drugs unless I have sufficient ongoing support from people who understand what it’s like to feel that drugs and alcohol or you know certain behaviors are necessary in order to feel okay.”

Brand continued to explain his sobriety journey by saying, “The purpose of recovery more broadly, I feel we can discuss more as an awakening from the world of attachment. That too is an ongoing process, because I too at twenty years without crack and heroin, without alcohol, still feel strongly a strong requirement, to seek approval or connection or validation or pleasure or distraction from the outside world.” 

Russel Brand continued his 20 years of sobriety message by giving a word of hope. He explained that for those who are addicts or know individuals who are addicts, “It is possible to change.” 

“There is a way for them. There is a way back to dignity, there’s a way back to behaving responsibly and caringly,” Brand told his viewers. It’s always good to see a hopeful message this time of year, and Brand certainly delivered that to his Instagram followers. 

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