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On Tuesday, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R-AK) joined Fox News to discuss her first days in office as the head of the Arkansas executive and the Biden classified document scandal.

“You know we had a huge list of things that we wanted to accomplish not just on the first day but on the first 100 days. We are continuing to be aggressive in bringing about bold conservative reforms to the state of Arkansas. One of my biggest priorities, I’ve made no secret that my focus is on education reform. We’ve been working with our partners in the legislature to deliver one of the largest education packages certainly in Arkansas history, maybe in the country. I am very excited about the things that we are doing in that place. In the meantime, we have been signing some executive orders to make some changes in large part to protect students and to protect kids in our state and to make sure we do a better job for the citizens of Arkansas.”

Sanders then went on to explain that the state has a surplus of money following the financial support received from the federal government during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the excess funds, the former White House press secretary said that she is planning to phase out the state income tax and pass savings back to the people of Arkansas.

The “Fox & Friends” host Brett Kilmeade then went on to steer the interview over to the Biden classified document scandal and asked Sanders her thoughts about Biden’s latest misstep.

“Maybe he just now is starting to take it seriously since they have found them everywhere because clearly, that wasn’t the case when he was stashing them in his garage and all over other places,” she explained. “But I think it is important that reporters other than Peter Doocy are finally starting to hold [White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s] feet to the fire and finally starting to ask hard questions and not giving a free pass.”


“I’ve actually been happy about the way that the White House press corp has finally started to push for real answers from this White House,” Sander remarked. “Now unfortunately they haven’t gotten any but they are at least starting to aggressively ask questions certainly not letting them off the hook.”

Sanders, who served as White House Press Secretary from 2017 to 2019 in the Trump administration, then went on to give some insight into her time in the White House and how the current press secretary doesn’t meet the moment.

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“The way they have been treated over the last couple of years is nothing compared to the intensity and the criticism that we had during the Trump administration but I’m glad to see that they are at least starting to ask some hard questions. I wish we could get some answers but frankly, she has a terrible story to tell,” she said about Jean-Pierre. “The difference is when I was in the Trump administration we had a great story to tell. Our economy was booming, our country was safer, and our border was more secure. Things that were positive were happening. She doesn’t have any of those things to talk about and that makes her job infinitely harder.”

“It’s hard to know whether she just doesn’t get it because she’s not been given the information or just she doesn’t know how to communicate effectively,” Sanders added about Karine Jean-Pierre.

With the Biden classified document scandal continuing to unfold, the Biden press secretary has struggled to keep apace and keep the press at bay. With such a lackluster response in this time of crisis for the White House, perhaps they should consider a replacement.

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