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A George Soros-backed group urged Twitter owner Elon Musk to keep Donald Trump off Twitter in a truly baffling spectacle — one that is not in keeping with the spirit of his free speech rights.

The group in question —  Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington D.C. (CREW) —  received $500,000 dollars from George Soros’s Open Society Foundation in 2020 alone. Indeed, the group showed its clear leftist bias when it recently took action to disqualify Donald Trump from running again in 2024:

“Should Donald Trump seek reelection to the presidency or any other office, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington will pursue his disqualification under the Fourteenth Amendment for engaging in the January 6th insurrection.” a recent CREW newsletter reads.

But they aren’t stopping there. The group is urging Twitter to continue its ban policy on Donald Trump in a truly absurd letter.

“As Twitter’s CEO, Elon Musk must keep Donald Trump’s ban from Twitter in place for good to protect Twitter and our democracy.” their site reads. “In a letter sent today, CREW urged Musk to maintain Twitter’s permanent ban on Donald Trump and recommended additional steps to protect Twitter from being used to undermine democracy, including adding representatives from the good government and democracy protection space to his proposed content moderation council.”

The letter offers the following assessment of Trump:


Donald Trump’s conduct before, during, and after his presidency demonstrates a consistent pattern of using social media to spread misinformation to encourage violence and undermine the legitimacy of government processes. His deft use of social media to stir up the civil unrest that led to the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol is a case in point.” the Letter reads.

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“Allowing high-profile users, such as Trump, who foment violence to return to Twitter ignores the role your company can play in either upholding democratic norms or, alternatively, in facilitating attacks on the integrity of our democratic institutions.”

The letter offers the following call to action:

“If Twitter is serious about upholding its publicly stated rules ‘to ensure all people can participate in the public conversation freely and safely,’ then it must lead by example and remain committed to not providing a safe haven for users who seek to spread misinformation, incite political violence, fuel hate, and undermine democracy.”

The letter then ends, “Not reinstating Donald Trump to your platform is a necessary start. Adding representatives from the good government and democracy protection space to your proposed council would also be a step in the right direction.”

Their bias is clear. Trump is not a threat to public safety. Indeed, he has invited large swaths of Americans into the political process for the first time. Trump is pro-Democracy, not anti-Democracy. We are assured Elon will not be convinced by this sorry excuse for a letter — one that asks for the truly unthinkable — the de-facto violation of a Candidates free speech rights.