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Over the weekend, it was revealed that White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain is out of the head job at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and will be replaced by COVID-19 czar Jeff Zients, who infamously predicted that there would be a “winter of severe illness and death” last year.

Zients, who previously was a Wall Street power broker, was the centerpiece of pushing vaccine mandates and lockdowns in the Biden administration. Now he will be placed into one of the most powerful jobs in the country as the right-hand man to President Joe Biden.

Stephen Miller, a senior advisor to President Donald Trump and the founder of America First Legal, joined Fox News’ Laura Ingraham to discuss the new appointment and highlight the Wall Street-connected Zients.

“So Stephen, a Wall Street connected, obviously committed liberal is now Biden’s ace in the hole ahead of 2024. They didn’t go for a diversity pick did they when something really matters to them,” Ingraham said, asking the guest, “They didn’t go for it first, they went back to the power broker, what does that tell you?”

“Well he’s a perfect fit for the Biden White House,” Miller began. “He is on the one hand a dogmatic, doctrinaire, hard-core leftist as we’ve seen with his tyrannical edicts on Covid trying to gleefully crush small business with a twinkle in his eye, ruin your life while he smiles happily.”

“And at the same time, he is plugged in with Wall Street. He is a man of Wall Street,” the former Trump advisor continued. “A man who has profited off of others’ healthcare misery. So he’s perfect for this White House. Cronyism, corruption, and radical leftism. So expect to see even more extreme and radical policies under Zients over the next two years.”


“At the end of the day, what Americans care about is how is he going to execute his role,” the America First Legal founder emphasized. “In a sane country, in a healthy country after presiding over a disastrous Covid response characterized by ruthless Covid mandates that ruin lives, that ruined children’s education, that ruined businesses, that will have generational, long-lasting harm and more people died by far than under Trump.”

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“You would think he wouldn’t be allowed in any position of authority. Let alone overnight become in effect the second most powerful man in the United States of America,” he explained. “And his only qualifications are being a Wall Street tycoon who presided over a calamitous response to Covid. He is a nut job because he will implement the Biden agenda unhesitatingly without any descent whatsoever.”

“He was tapped because he is going to placate the two masters of the Biden White House. We talked about the leftism angle but then there’s the Wall Street angle,” Miller concluded, adding, “Wall Street wants to have the ability, in one phone call, to call their buddy, call their pal

Jeff Zients and say ‘I need this favor, I need this handout, I need this help, I need this inside track.’ And he will be that conduit for the Wall Street globalists straight to the Oval Office.”

With the addition of Jeff Zients to the head of the White House team, the Biden administration will likely utilize his various connections to its advantage. Zients will continue to push radical leftism via the executive branch and given his destructive resume, he will likely resort to the tyrannical policies he pushed during the Coronavirus Pandemic to get his way.

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