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Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) announced his opposition to Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) bid for House Speaker during Monday’s “Fox And Friends.”

“I won’t be voting for Kevin McCarthy tomorrow. He is part of the problem, not the solution,” Good began. “I will be following the will of my constituents in Virginia’s fifth district, who hundreds of them have told me not to support Kevin McCarthy.”

“What I told them when I started my first term two years ago, is I would judge him by what he did as Minority Leader and there’s nothing he has done to earn my vote,” the congressman explained. “There is nothing that indicates to me that he is going to change his pattern since he has been in leadership, where he is part of the swamp cartel.”

Good then proceeded to blame McCarthy for a number of problems the Republican Party has faced since 2019, when McCarthy began to be the House Minority Leader.

“He is the reason on the Republican side why we pass massive omnibus spending bills like that just got rammed down our throats by Republicans in the Senate,” he emphasized in reference to 18 Senate Republicans voting for the omnibus bill passed last week. “He was part of that in leadership, since he has been in leadership for the past 8 years.”


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“There is nothing about Kevin McCarthy that indicates he will bring the change that’s needed to Washington or that’s needed in the Congress,” the Virginian said, adding, “or he will bring the fight against the Biden-Schumer agenda and represent the interest of the voters who sent us to Washington to bring us real change.”

When host Griff Jenkins pressed Good on who he would support as House Speaker, Good was far more bashful, only disclosing that Republicans would pick a “true candidate” for Speaker, one representing the conservative conference.

Good finished by again turning to McCarthy’s track record, blaming him for many of the woes our country has faced since Biden took office:

“Conservative pundits, conservative media has criticized Kevin McCarthy and the Republican leadership, Republican establishment all of these years, and, yet, they want us to now surrender to that and to vote for the status quo to continue what we have always done, so we will get what we have always gotten… We are willing to risk everyone to save this country and republic. We’re teetering on the brink with this country with an open border, with $32 trillion in national debt, a woke education system, and a weakened military, which is what we will get with Kevin McCarthy. We are going to block that.”

The American people eagerly await the results of this vote, which will help shape Congress for the next two years.