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In Baker, California, a Tesla ‘Megapack’ Battery attached to a mobile Supercharger erupted into flames and was consumed by fire on January 1st according to reports.

Electrek explained that a mobile supercharger is a trailer fitted with a ‘Megapack,’ Tesla’s largest battery system, and several supercharger stations used to expand charging capacity, particularly during holidays.

This is precisely how one was employed in Baker on New Year’s Day when the rig suddenly caught fire, as observed by Tesla drivers trying to use the station.

A user of the Plugshare website wrote on the station’s page that it was “currently on fire!!!” that Sunday. Photos posted to the site showed the supercharger stalls entirely burned on the mobile unit, while approximately 50% of the overall chargers at the site remained online, according to Plugshare.

Tesla has deployed thousands of these mobile superchargers with ‘Megapacks’ all over the world, not only for charging electric vehicles but even for supplementing power grids.

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Prior to the New Year’s Day incident, another Tesla Megapack was known to have caught fire in Sept. 2022 in Monterrey, California at a massive energy storage project, according to Electrek. Breitbart reported that the massive battery was at PG&E’s Elkhorn Battery Storage Facility. The blaze caused PG&E to issue a shelter-in-place advisory for the surrounding areas going as far as providing an interactive map showing the affected areas and road closures over the course of more than 12 hours.

In a similar incident, an enormous energy storage facility under construction in Moorabool, Victoria, Australia caught fire in December 2021 while being tested at the “Victoria Big Battery.”

As of this report, it is unclear what caused the fire, and as reported by many outlets Tesla doesn’t presently operate a press relations office in the United States to respond to media requests.