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Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is finally getting what’s coming to him. After his anti-freedom approach to the Coronavirus, the doctor is finally being sued. This is not for his handling of the pandemic, which made him one of the most controversial doctors in the world, but rather for his agency’s extremely unethical experiments conducted on helpless animals in research labs.

The White Coat Waste Project, an organization dedicated to “STOP taxpayer-funded experiments on dogs, monkeys, cats and other animals, we must stop wasteful government spending,” is suing in response to the government’s failure to hand over FOIA requests to the organization regarding their treatment of animals.

“Though required by federal law, Fauci’s NIAID has refused to hand over documents to WCW about this waste and abuse in response to our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. So, we’ve filed two new federal lawsuits… to obtain internal records about the agency’s taxpayer-funded experiments on dogs and primates,” WCW stated.

The documents requested by WCW pertain to two incidences of alleged animal cruelty ‘in the name of science.’ One was a test conducted on beagle puppies in which the dogs were sedated and their heads placed in cages. Their faces were then bitten repeatedly by sand flies during the duration of the “experiment.”

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To make matters worse, when the puppies started crying in agony, the scientist allegedly cut the vocal cords of the victims in order to silence them. “Our viral #BeagleGate campaign first uncovered how Dr. Fauci recently wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on experiments where puppies were infested with biting flies and ticks, force-fed experimental drugs, and even had their vocal cords cut out so they can’t cry out in the lab. Unsurprisingly, records obtained by WCW show notes made by NIAID white coats detailing that the dogs “vocalized in pain,” WCW writes.

The White Coat Waste Project also alleges that experiments are being conducted on monkeys on an island off of South Carolina, where they are bred for ‘scientific research.’ According to The White Coat Waste Project, they are shipped wherever needed to run experiments.

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The White Coat Waste Project is doubling down in trying to expose these government-funded experiments, regardless of how difficult the government attempts to make it. It’s good to see groups working to bring light to these horrible uses of taxpayer money.

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