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Following the tragic story of Athena Strand, a seven year old girl from Texas who was kidnapped and murdered, authorities have arrested Tanner Horner. 

According to the arrest warrant, Horner, a driver hired by Fed Ex, accidentally hit Strand with his truck while delivering a package to the residence. 

Horner then abducted the 7-year-old to prevent her from ‘telling her dad he had hit her with his truck.’ At the time of the abduction, Strand was alive and stated her name to her abductor. 

During questioning, Horner admitted to the crime and explained that he tried to break her neck in the truck, but it ‘did not work’, so this ruthless monster resorted to strangling the innocent child instead. 

He claimed he was scared her father would find out he had hit her with the truck and therefore resorted to killing her. 

Individuals who commit heinous crimes like Horner do not get away scot-free in Texas. According to local news, the Wise County Sheriff has asked the District Attorney to seek the death penalty for Horner’s unthinkable actions. 

“Because of the age of that child and because it was an abduction, we are going to [ask the district attorney to] pursue the death penalty,” the County Sheriff explained. 

Little else is known regarding the ongoing investigation into this crime. However, Sheriff Lane Akin is working to build an ‘airtight case’ against Horner, according to local news. 

Horner’s bond has been set to 1.5 million dollars, and he is currently being held in Wise County Jail, where he will most likely remain until he is tried in court for his unimaginable crime. 

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“This community does not like losing our children and we can see it because of all the people who came and helped us throughout this ordeal,” Sheriff Akin explained in a press conference following the discovery of the body. 

“It was most meaningful what the citizens did because we have a close knit group of folks here in Wise County,” Sheriff Akin continued. 

While the tragic details of this event are still unfolding, it’s good to know that Wise County and the State of Texas will be taking this case seriously. Texas isn’t messing around. 

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