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Social media giant Twitter has doubled its suspension rate for accounts allegedly pushing child exploitation materials in what amounts to a significant victory for human rights.

Andrea Stroppa, founder of Cyber Security group “Ghostdata” tweeted in a Twitter thread, “During these weeks, I worked as an independent researcher along Twitter’s Trust and Safety team led by expert Ms. Ella Irwin. Twitter achieved some relevant results I want to share with you: Twitter updated its mechanism to detect content related to child sexual abuse/exploitation material. Faster, more efficient, and more aggressive. No mercy for those who are involved in these illegal activities.”

Stroppa added, “The daily suspension rate has ALMOST DOUBLED over the past few days. It means that Twitter is doing a capillary analysis of contents, especially those published in the past. It doesn’t matter when illicit content has been published. Twitter will find it and act accordingly.”

According to Stroppa, these efforts sped up even more in the days following. He alleges Twitter took down 44,000 accounts within 24 hours of December 3rd.


“In the past 24 hours, Twitter started to step up its efforts and took down 44.000 suspicious accounts, including over 1.300 profiles that tried to bypass detection using codewords and text in images to communicate. Zero tolerance.” Stroppa remarked. “If Twitter is now fighting vigorously against child sexual exploitation content, it’s thanks to one person that set it as the #1 priority: Elon Musk  @elonmusk. Twitter is now a safer place under Elon’s leadership. And this is just the beginning.”

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Musk replied to the thread with a very courteous “Thank you for helping with this important problem”

This comes after Twitter Owner Elon Musk announced stopping the exploitation of children on his platforms is now his top priority.

“Removing child exploitation is priority #1. Please reply in comments if you see anything that Twitter needs to address,” Musk tweeted.

These are important steps to protect the rights of everyone on Twitter. Musk values all rights and that includes the rights of children to live free of predatory coercion. Musk is changing Twitter for the better and we love to see it!