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A Utah teacher was disciplined after she made some controversial remarks on Tik Tok, all surrounding the predicament white students in her classroom will face.

“For the first time in my life, I’m going to be teaching at a majority-White school, and I’m kind of interested to see how students and parents react to my classroom, or if they even notice anything about it, because it’s built for non-White students.” the teacher remarked.

“What I mean by that is like, if you look around and you interact with some of the materials I have, you” notice there’s like no white kids represented in that.”

The teacher in the video teaches at William Penn Elementary in Mill Creek, Utah, near Salt Lake City, per the New York Post. She claimed all of her materials — including coloring books — were absent of white characters and historical figures. She then turned to her classroom library, where things got even more controversial:

“Then another thing is my classroom library. Of course, literature is kind of dominated by straight, cis white men. So there is a good deal of that in my books. But it is overpowered now from all the books I have been purchasing to add on to my library, that depict a lot of diverse peoples — whether it is people of color, or, I have books on like non-binary, trans, otherwise LGBTQ characters. So there is just not a lot of adherence to the status quo, on just that face level of my classroom.”



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She speculated that parents “might have something to say about that — if my experience with posh, white parents in the past holds true for this year, we will see.”

Well, parents did have something to say about that, and the principal of William Penn Elementary issued a statement announcing the disciplinary actions that will be taken against their employee, according to Fox News.

“The principal of William Penn Elementary issued a statement late Sunday night, saying it was her ‘personal commitment… to ensure every student feels safe and welcome’ and it is ‘inappropriate for any employee to make students feel unwelcome in any way, shape or form.'”

The Granite School district also claimed to Fox News: “As soon as our investigation is complete, we anticipate taking appropriate corrective action. We know that it is our role as educators to support parents and the families we serve, and we value our parents and their engagement in our schools and classrooms.”

Justice won the day but Americans alone will decide the final victory. The Left’s bigotry has too few adherents to destroy the American people — a nation filled to the brim with patriots of the first class.