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A man in Oakton, Virginia shot and killed an alleged intruder on Wednesday night in what seems to be a clear win for our Second Amendment rights.

As Washington DC’s Fox 5 reports:

“Police in Fairfax County are still investigating the fatal shooting that took place at a home in a quiet Oakton neighborhood on Wednesday night.

The homicide unit was at the scene of the shooting in the 11400 block of Waples Mill Road for most of Thursday and the crime scene tape surrounding the home came down around 4 p.m. ”

According to reports, the 24-year-old intruder used a ” large landscape rock” to break into the home after a prior interaction outside the house between him and the homeowner. After being tackled to the ground, the homeowner made it inside and exercised his right of self-defense with a firearm.

As the Washington Post reports:


“The homeowner went inside the house to retrieve a gun. A short time later, the intruder entered the home armed with a large rock. There was a confrontation and the homeowner fired his gun, police said.

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Officers were called to the home and gave first aid to the intruder, but he was pronounced dead at the scene, police said. The homeowner’s wife and another adult, along with the homeowner’s two children, were home at the time of the incident but none were harmed, police said.”

According to the Washington Post, this case is being investigated as a self-defense incident.

While we await the full details of the case, one thing is sure — our second amendment rights are fundamental. We cannot let go of our sacred right to self-defense — something that flows from the right to life and the right to property. Police are not always the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your family. Often times they are the last.

When it comes to protecting one’s family, one needs all the help one can get. 2022 America is more lawless than ever, and our constitutional rights have to be respected — both by states and the federal government.